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I survived the presentation and it was quite uplifting in a viewer empowering way~

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I’m on an earlier bus towards Basel. I have my powerpoint and my scenes but I still don’t know when to show what scene. I’m terrible at improvisation, but it’ll have to do. ;w;

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Aaaah! I need to leave in an hour. I feel totally not prepared!!! *crying on the inside*

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I’m in the mood for some meta!Cockles, but unfortunately it is half past 1 in the morning so I have to go to bed now.

I hope you’ll enjoy tonight’s episode! I try to be back tomorrow and actually do some blogging.

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didithurtwhenyoufellfordean replied to your post:

What are you talking about this is the best ship ever they’d exchange Destiel fanfic recs during sexy times

That’s convincing. Accepted as headcanon. *gigglesnort* (I want art of that. I wonder what Sam and Benny’s favourite Destiel fics would be.)

esmerod replied to your post:

Eve’s still laughing;3 How’s your presentation going?I’m almost a bit sad I won’t be there to hear it

Eve is a meanie. I’ll smuggle in Benny/Sam Mpreg in some Destiel story. Somewhere. You won’t see it coming! (Not that I have a story in the works where that would be possible. And we already established that I fail at writing side pairings.)

Not so sure how the presentation is going… I’ve worked on the powerpoint and so far I’ve collected about 40 minutes worth of scenes. We’re watching “Monster at the End of the Book” almost in its entirety, the rest are short scenes from “Monster Movie”, “Lucifer Rising” and “Swan Song” and “Meta Fiction”

I’ll probably add something from “Tall Tales” and “Changing Channels” and “French Mistake”.

My problem is: lots of scenes and I’ll have to be the one who decides what to show because I’m the one who knows them. And I have to change blurays all the time. I wish the blurays came with digital copies like bluray movies :I

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Looking for Benny pics to use in my presentation made me miss Benny.

Also, Eve laughed at me because of my fondness for Benny/Sam. It really isn’t the oddest pairing I’ve ever seen! Really! ;w;

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Aaah, finally back at home. Now I’m tired but I still have to look for other scenes we could show tomorrow. I’ve now collected about 45 minutes of them though I know of lots more. But switching blu-rays takes ages so I might have to find them elsewhere…

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I have to leave in five minutes to discuss tomorrow’s SPN presentation!

I’m still looking for the prettiest Dean and Sam (and Cas pics) so if anyone has links to beautiful pics to them that’d be awesome! For myself I’m looking for the early season 4 Castiel promo shots, where he looks like a model in a ugly motel room. You know which ones I mean? They are somewhere in my 7000 liked posts and I can’t find them >w<

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Me gusta mucho como quedó Michael y Dean♥♥♥

Gabriel y Castiel me quedaron tolerables. ♥♥

Respecto a Sam. .. no se que me pasó ;^;♥

They’re all amazing!! ♥♥

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Some art of diminuel’s Pagan god!Dean, this was suppose to just be a warm up but i liked it too much :0


Some art of diminuel’s Pagan god!Dean, this was suppose to just be a warm up but i liked it too much :0