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Hello, I was wondering if you do requests? If you don’t, then it’s totally fine you don’t need to pay attention to this message. But if you do, I was wondering maybe have Dean with multiple Castiel’s? Or maybe vice versa? I just thought it’d be really cute. (Oh and by the way I really, really enjoy your Lamb!Cas(or Deer!) and Wolf!Dean AU’s they are so precious. :)



I do requests, yes. I can be really slow, but yes *lol*

Since it’ll be Easter soon I might have enough time to finally get to work on the things that have piled up. But you’re very welcome to add to this list! :DD (I draw whenever inspiration’s kind to me, so I’m very sorry if I keep you waiting. I’m also a procrastinator. Double sorry.)

About your request: Multiple Castiels (or Deans) in the sense of multiple versions of him we’ve seen in the series (or not) or just clones? I think different versions might be more interesting (at least to draw)? Yes? No?

(Thank you!! ♥♥)

  1. tigerboydean said: Well, we already know I like the idea of Castiel and multiple Deans.
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